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(Bird Calls)
Rob Campbell
June 6, 2020 | Rob Campbell

Preparing to Launch

Oppun' towis! (opun tow-ish) / Hello, how are you!

Welcome to the new Meyye Wines website. This will be your portal into all things Meyye and the way to access your allocation. I know you're eager to get the wine. And, we are eager to get it to you! But, what have we been up too...

It's been a crazy year. Last year, our family sold Story Winery on Aug 1, 2019 but I remained as the winemaker for Story Winery. After a hectic transition (we quadrupled (4X) our production at Story) we took a well deserved break during the holidays and started to plan a big kickoff event for Meyye in the sping. Then the COVID-19 pandameic hit.

So, while everything in the world has changed, we silently release our new brand, Meyye ('bird' in Miwok). Meyye is an allocation only brand, meaning there will be no tasting room, the wine will not be sold in stores and will be produced on a micro scale–an overall production of 500 cases a year of just four wines.

What will the wines be? Zinfandel, chardonnay, pinot noir, and a red wine blend done in the tradition of Chateauneuf-de-Pape. The first allocation, our 2014 Zinfandel will be ready for allocation soon. Meyye wines all go through exacting aging regimes, bottled, then aged for additional years. This ensures that when you recieve the wine it is ready to drink but will also age quite well for years to come.

We encourage you to roam around the new website and familiarize yourself with where things are located (and maybe learn some new Coast Miwok words).

Thank you again for your support and allowing me to exercise my passion and vision in the pursuit of making equisite wine for my friends and family.

Towis hii 
(Have a good day)

- Rob

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