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The Drunken Cyclist, Random Samples 2/2/2024 

Random Samples Feb., 2024
2019 'Omay - "I have tasted a ton of American Pinot. A ton. Blind, aged, out of the barrel, you name it. I would not hesitate to put this up against the best of them and I would be confident that it would perform quite well. Outstanding. 94 Points. "
2018 Sokootok - "Rich, fruity, tart, and fairly complex on the palate and certainly on the “big” side of wines, but it is balanced and certainly tasty. Excellent. 90 Points."

The Tasting Panel Magazine, the Franz Files

January 2024 Ed.,Pg. 89
2015 Palachchak - "This 2015 vintage displays wonderfully complex and harmonious aromas.  The flavors are abundant with brambly berry notes, and though the texture is soft, there’s enough tannic structure to support the wine’s abundant ripeness.  93 points."


The Exceptional wines of Meyye

The Imbiber's Journal - Nov., 2023

2020 Kuluppis Chardonnay - "This white exudes an elegance rare among California chardonnays". 
2019 'Omay Pinot - "Well made, complex and lovely".
2018 Sokootok Rhone Blend - "The epitome of Sierra foothills character, this blend is spicy, dusty, of medium density, with round flavors and a creamy texture".
2015 Palachchak Zinfandel - "...this is, without a doubt, the best Zinfandel I have had in more than a decade".


Amateur Sommelier - 2019 'OMAY

@amateur_sommelier 10/21/23

2019 'Omay - "The aroma is full of cherry pie, cedar, pepper, and leather. The taste evolves from the aroma with cherry preserves, raspberry, cedar, sage, violet, red licorice, and warm baking spice...While the fruity and and earthy aspects are contrasting they blend very well and create a very well balanced wine."